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Shout Toronto


Shout Toronto is a pedestrian wayfinding system designed around community aspects where participants literally determine which signs go up. The system comprises of digital signage via kiosks, location markers, and a mobile network. Using text messages users can Shout about an event that's happening in the city - this information is sent to the system's database and is displayed on kiosk and location markers. The more Shouts an event gets the more popular it becomes. Light boxes mounted on kiosks and location markers mimic the areas/events popularity by glowing in colour; the more popular, the more intense the glow.

The system is built primarily on community feedback and adapts to the many cultural landscapes of Toronto. It can however be fitted during special events to cater to those circumstances. In the development of Shout Toronto a focus was placed around Nuit Blanche, using its commissioned and independent projects as the events occurring in the city. The targeted audience was Torontonians or tourists of 18-34 years of age, who participate in local cultural events, are familiar with new technology, own mobile phones, and use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shout Toronto was designed to utilize new technology and media to create a more dynamic and responsive signage experience. It reflects the demands and expectations of a younger generation who are used to the instant access of information and community offered by the internet. By combining the use of digital screens, databases and mobile phone applications Shout Toronto can be instantly updated with the most current and relevant information. This system ensures that users not only have access to the most recent news but can also contribute themselves by adding new events or voting on their popularity by Shouting.