Matt Wiechec, design that doesn't stand still
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Amnesty International


To raise awareness about the danger of landmines across the world an interactive advertising campaign was developed for Amnesty International. The idea was to replace the traditional print advertisements seen in bus shelters with a digital display. A video camera was installed on the opposite, outside, wall of the shelter sending a live video feed of the environment to the display. This created a transparent, glass effect - as if commuters were staring through the display.

Upon entering the shelter a motion sensor is triggered causing a video sequence to begin. A graphic of a landmine superimposed over the live video suddenly springs from the ground and explodes, catching commuters off guard.

The campaign is meant to raise awareness about the unexpected and undiscriminating nature of landmines by imposing the threat at home. Following the explosion an infographic displays the day's casualties accompanied by a tagline which reads: "Before your bus arrives a landmine will have either injured or claimed the life of a person".